A Canadian Co-op

Atlantic bioenergy gains a voice
By Kris Bevill | March 10, 2011

A small group of Canadian bioenergy industry representatives and researchers has formed the Atlantic Council for Bioenergy Cooperative Ltd. to represent the interests of biofuels, biomass and biogas in Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. The group plans to work with local and federal government officials to form consumption markets in Atlantic Canada for their products and will promote the advantages of Canadian renewable energy to media and consumers.

“The creation of an industry association is critical for progressive, positive development in the bioenergy industry, in order to take greater advantage of the opportunities here in this region,” Stephen Davies, chair of the ACBC board of directors, says. “This new association will give us the vehicle to speak directly and collectively on how Atlantic Canada can carve out its share of the economic and environmental benefits in the emerging green economy.”

Other founding members include Kevin Shiell, scientific director for the Center of Excellence in Agricultural and Biotechnological Sciences, Ron Coles, communications manager for sugar beet-to-ethanol producer Atlantec Bioenergy Corp., and Ken Magnus, president of Salveo Enterprises Inc. 

—Kris Bevill