LanzaTech, Harsco agree to develop ethanol-from-steel gas process

By Harsco Corp. | August 16, 2011

Worldwide industrial solutions company Harsco Corp. and clean energy technology company LanzaTech  announce the signing of a strategic alliance to promote the capture and reuse of steel mill flue gases as an environmentally significant and beneficial source of reliable energy.

The agreement, signed Aug. 16 at Harsco’s world headquarters in Pennsylvania, taps into Harsco’s global leadership serving the worldwide steel industry, in combination with LanzaTech’s proprietary bioenergy technologies for reducing the carbon footprint of integrated steelmaking operations.  Together, the two companies will jointly develop plans to present the LanzaTech biotechnology to Harsco’s major steel mill customers and explore potential business relationships for installing and operating commercial facilities at selected sites throughout the world. 

Founded in 2005 in New Zealand, LanzaTech is the first company to successfully demonstrate production of fuel-grade ethanol from steel mill gases.  Its proprietary biotechnologies convert the waste gases emitted by blast furnace, coke oven and BOF operations into low cost, zero carbon ethanol, thereby significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions while also providing a commercially scalable alternative to traditional ethanol production and its heavy reliance on agricultural food crops.  The agreement with Harsco will now accelerate the introduction of this technology to steelmaking customers throughout the Americas, Europe and selected emerging markets.

“The conversion of industrial waste streams into beneficial ‘green’ resources has long been a Harsco mainstay,” said Harsco Chairman, President and CEO Salvatore Fazzolari.  “With LanzaTech, we now add another dimension to our ability to bring innovation to our customers and at the same time, help build a more sustainable environment.”

Added LanzaTech CEO Jennifer Holmgren, “Harsco’s commitment to minimizing the environmental impact of metal production processes is in line with the unique technology LanzaTech has developed.  As heavy industries worldwide face an increasingly stringent regulatory climate, our relationships with committed partners such as Harsco respond to these challenges with technology-based solutions for a cleaner environment that also enable continued growth.”