South African project reaching for ethanol, biodiesel co-location

By Holly Jessen | October 19, 2011

One World Clean Energy Inc. has secured its first memorandum of understanding to construct and commission a $115 million Integrated Biorefinery in South Africa, where it would produce10 megawatts of electricity, 10 MMgy of ethanol and 10 MMgy biodiesel.

Bill Bivins, CEO of One World Clean Energy, reached an agreement with Pulexilite (Pty) Ltd. of South Africa during a visit in September as part of a U.S. Trade Mission. Construction of the facility, which will be built in the U.S. and exported, could begin as early as 2012. The project will employ up to 100 engineers and skilled-trade workers in the U.S. and would create up to 250 jobs in South Africa. “We’re very gratified to reach this milestone and can’t wait to put steel in the ground in South Africa,” Bivins said. “We look forward to making OWCE’s partnership with Pulexilite one that benefits both our companies and our countries.” 

The project is pending the outcome of a third-party feasibility study. One World Clean Energy is a renewable energy development company based in Louisville, K.Y. Its Integrated Biorefinery has the capability to produce natural gas, electricity, ethanol and biodiesel from any organic matter, from crops to organic waste. The energy is cost-competitive with fossil fuels but produces no net waste and nearly no emissions. “The One World Clean Energy Integrated Biorefinery provides us with a sustainable, affordable solution to the energy needs of our growing economy and infrastructure,” said Martin Gaesela of Pulexilite.