Mobile application streamlines corn sales

By Matt Soberg | November 30, 2011

A mobile application, developed the Dupont business Pioneer Hi-Bred and Farms Technology LLC, streamlines corn sales enabling growers to trade directly from their mobile devices. The application was announced on Nov. 28 and is an addition to the Dynamic Pricing Platform (DPP) grain desk that allows grain traders to make, manage and monitor offers online.

"This technology conveniently connects buyers and sellers, and now the mobile application is as robust as the online version,” said Tonia Carpenter, Pioneer senior marketing manager.

The DPP technology allows producers to take advantage of real-time trade opportunities. Through their own branded site and a checklist function, buyers and sellers can monitor particularized transaction information including rapid market fluctuations online. “Producers simply set their target price and use market volatility to their advantage to reach their targets,” according to Farms Technology. “The system monitors market movements for both parties, matches the producer’s asking price while the buyers bid instantly and sends confirmations to both parties.”

“DPP grain desk continues to provide growers the flexibility to execute cash sales on their crops the entire 17.5 hours commodity markets are in session and gives grain merchandisers tools to service customers around the clock,” said Carpenter. “With commodity markets more volatile than ever, it’s challenging to watch for price movement that might impact grain marketing decisions and be in a position to act on the volatility if desired.”  

DPP grain already has active buyers and sellers throughout the Corn Belt, according to Pioneer.