Chinese companies announce yeast, enzyme products for ethanol

By Holly Jessen | April 19, 2012

Two Chinese companies recently made announcements about products for the ethanol industry—one a yeast company and the other in enzymes.

Angel Yeast Co., Ltd. recently introduced fermentation accelerate products for fuel and beverage alcohol. The accelerant can replace urea use, as China prohibited its used, removing urea from China’s new food additives standard in June 2011. “We want to provide the most nutrients, the healthiest and most clean for the alcoholic fermentation products,” said Li Zhijun, Angel fermentation technical director.

Angel Yeast got its start in 1986 with the establishment of an active dry yeast industrial pilot project. The company produces yeast for food ingredients and cosmetics ingredients as well as fuel ethanol, according to its website. It produces yeasts suitable for fermentation of starch-based feedstocks such as corn, wheat, cassava and more. It also has application technology for cellulose fermentation.

The second announcement came from Sunson Industry Group Co. Ltd.  The company said it has an enzyme for sorghum ethanol production that reduces the viscosity of sorghum in the production process, according to Albert Sun, of Sunson.

Sunson was established in 1996 and has four production bases in China and more than 30 branches and subcompanies in about 30 countries and regions, according to the company website. It manufactures more than 50 types of enzymes used in eight industries. The Sunson research and development centers are located in Beijing and Shanghai.