RFA forms Renewable Fuels PAC

By Renewable Fuels Association | April 19, 2012

Washington – The Renewable Fuels Association announced that it has formed a political action committee (PAC). The Renewable Fuels Association PAC, to be referred to as the Renewable Fuels PAC, will help RFA members support candidates for federal office that understand and share their belief in the importance of domestic renewable fuels like ethanol.

“Domestic renewable fuels offer America a real opportunity to put an end to our addiction to imported oil while creating jobs and putting American ingenuity to work creating fuel technologies for the future,” said RFA President and CEO Bob Dinneen. “In order to ensure the full potential of American renewable fuels is realized, consistent and forward-looking public policy is essential. The Renewable Fuels PAC will allow RFA members to contribute to candidates for federal office that share our view that ethanol and all renewable fuels are an essential element in our nation’s energy, economic and environmental strategy.”

The RFA submitted its statement of organization with the Federal Election Commission on April 5. Matt Hartwig will serve as Treasurer of Renewable Fuels PAC.