U.S. exports of ethanol, DDGS increase in March

By Holly Jessen | May 15, 2012

The most recent data is in and U.S. exports of ethanol and distillers grains are up compared to the month before. On the ethanol side, there was a total of 83.4 million gallons of denatured and undenatured, nonbeverage ethanol exports in March, up 11 percent from February, said Geoff Cooper, vice president of research and analysis for the Renewable Fuels Association.

That’s the highest export total since the beginning of the year. In all, 234.5 million gallons of ethanol was exported in the first quarter. That implies an annualized total of more than 900 million gallons in 2012, Cooper said. Two notable records were broken in 2011—one was the 1.19 billion gallons of U.S. ethanol exported throughout the year and another was the 172.7 million gallons exported during the month of December alone.

Canada brought in 21.8 million gallons of U.S. ethanol, making it the No. 1 destination. However, Cooper once again pointed to a change in the way the Census Bureau is reporting export numbers. “As the result of an ongoing glitch in reporting, exports to Canada were reported as denatured ethanol for use other than fuel, even though anecdotal reports suggest it was indeed used for fuel,” he said.

DDGS exports totaled 641,402 metric tons in March, an increase of 5 percent over February’s total. Notably, China is once again in the No. 1 spot, importing 189,844 metric tons of DDGS in March.