Propel looks to expand CarbonOffset program

By Erin Voegele | August 13, 2012

Propel Fuels is enabling consumers to offset their driving emissions at the pump, as they fill their tanks. The company’s flagship Clean Mobility Center in Fullerton, Calif. has been the site of a unique pilot project since May. The location offers consumers the option to purchase carbon credits through the Foundation.

Since Propel launched its CarbonOffet program in May, customers have chosen to contribute $1 per fill to fully offset the emissions from their purchase more than 1,000 times. During two-month pilot period, the program offset more than 160,000 pounds of carbon dioxide. That is the equivalent of taking 84 cars off the road for those two months.

“It’s encouraging that, even during a period of high fuel prices, consumers are choosing to pay a little extra to offset their emissions, one tankful at a time, to help make progress toward our nation’s clean energy goals,” said Matt Horton, CEO of Propel. “By making carbon offsets convenient and cost effective, we’re helping consumers take part in the clean energy movement, even if their vehicles don’t run on renewable fuels.”

Due to the success of the program, Propel is planning to expand the CarbonOffset to additional locations as more Clean Mobility Centers are open in California.

According to Horton, Propel not only provides its customers the opportunity to purchase carbon credit, the company also completes an extensive vetting process to ensure that the funds are donated to the very best offset projects. We also do a fair amount of work at the station itself to upgrade the infrastructure to handle these transactions, he continued, which makes the transaction very seamless for the customer. A substantial portion of the upgrade consists of software installation.

“It’s our intent that everywhere we build a clean mobility center…that we’ll be offering this CarbonOffset program,” Horton said.

He also noted that the company’s expansion plans are progressing rapidly. “We’ve been working to secure locations, and today we have well over 100 locations under contract,” Horton said. A new fueling location will be opening next week, with several additional openings in the queue. “We’re going to be in a great position to really be rolling out a large number of stations very quickly,” Horton continued. “Throughout the fall you’ll see lots of new announcements from Propel about the new stations we’ve put in place.”