N.C. Gov. files RFS waiver request, RFA calls for EPA rejection

By Renewable Fuels Association | August 14, 2012

Responding to an official waiver request of the renewable fuel standard (RFS) by North Carolina Gov. Beverly Perdue, the Renewable Fuels Association released the following statement:

“The Environmental Protection Agency should reject Governor Perdue’s waiver request out of hand. While this drought has caused stress in many agricultural communities, it has not caused the kind of widespread economic harm that is the threshold for EPA to act.

“The RFS already includes a number of compliance options allowing great flexibility for oil refiners to meet their obligations under the program.  The market is already taking advantage of these flexibilities as ethanol production has slowed 15 percent since the beginning of the year in response to market signals.

“To be clear, a waiver of the RFS will not provide the relief meat and livestock producers seek nor will it make it rain on dry corn fields and pastures.  What waiving the RFS would do is send chilling signals to investors in new biofuel technologies, threaten to force gas prices higher than they already are, and dramatically lower the availability of ethanol feed products on which the livestock industry is growing to rely.

“We look forward to once again demonstrating that the efforts of those in the livestock, meat, food processing, and petroleum industries to end domestic ethanol production would do more harm than good to America’s economy and its energy security than a return to $2 per bushel corn prices and an increasing reliance on imported oil.”

Earlier today, the RFA held an in-depth webinar detailing the fallacies behind requesting a waiver.  That webinar can be replayed here.