E15 Sold at Second Retail Station in Kansas

By Renewable Fuels Association | August 21, 2012

The sale of E15 fuel has expanded to Ottawa, Kan., at the Zarco 66 station located at 2518 east Logan. This is the second retail gas station to offer E15 in the United States. A grand opening promotion will be announced soon.

On June 8 the U.S. EPA gave final approval for the sale and use of E15 ethanol blends in light duty vehicles made since 2001. Late last week, the U.S. Appeals Court for the District of Columbia Circuit sided with the EPA and its partial waiver approval for E15 in a 2-1 decision.

Zarco 66 was the first retail station to offer E15 on July 10 in Lawrence, Kan., with the help from the Kansas Corn Commission and local ethanol producer East Kansas Agri-Energy.

“We are excited to add a high octane renewable fuel choice for our customers on the go in Ottawa, Kansas as we will continue to reduce our dependency on foreign oil through the use of renewable energy sources,” said Scott Zaremba, owner of Zarco 66 stations.

America’s growing use of domestically-produced ethanol reduced wholesale gasoline prices by a national average of $1.09 per gallon in 2011, according to an updated study authored by professors at the University of Wisconsin and Iowa State University.  Specifically in the Midwest, savings were $1.69 per gallon.

“American consumers are looking for a choice when it comes to fueling their vehicles, and they now have one more domestic, renewable fuel option with E15 becoming more commercially available,” said RFA President and CEO Bob Dinneen. “Ethanol continues to help consumers during these difficult economic times by lowering prices at the pump and supporting more than 400,000 jobs across the country that can’t be outsourced.”

The RFA is working diligently with the petroleum industry, gas retailers, automakers, and consumers to ensure E15 is used properly.  E15 remains the most tested fuel ever approved by EPA and is perfectly safe and effective for approved engines. The Department of Energy conducted six million miles of testing on E15—the equivalent of 12 round trips to the Moon—and found no issues.

In order to offer E15 under the waiver conditions set by EPA, producers and retailers must register with EPA and adhere to the misfueling mitigation plan developed by the RFA and approved by EPA.  That plan is available here.

In addition, the RFA has also developed an E15 Retailer Handbook available at no cost to retailers looking to offer more choices to their customers.  The handbook is available here.

Petroleum marketers and station owners can find more information on E15, blender pumps and incentives by visiting the BYO Ethanol Campaign's website at www.BYOethanol.com.