Fire researchers develop new handbook on silo fires

By Susanne Retka Schill | September 13, 2012

The Swedish SP Fire Technology is publishing a new handbook, “Fires in silos,” presenting a method of tackling silo fires. Henry Persson with SP Fire Technology outlines the reasons for the handbook and highlights some of the techniques offered in the most recent issue of Brandposten No. 46. 

“The ‘Fires in silos’ handbook presents a method of tackling silo fires that is primarily based on rendering the entire interior of the silo inert by injecting nitrogen from the bottom,” he wrote, “followed by emptying the silo under supervision and extinguishing any hot material.”  The handbook provides a general understand of the fire process that can be expected in a silo storing grin, the safety risk and preventative and preparatory measures to minimize the consequences of a fire and facilitate tackling the fire.

The handbook has been published in Swedish, with an English version to be available shortly.

The Swedish group is also leading an international effort to research and devise methods for fighting large ethanol tank storage fires, which pose unexpected challenges for firefighters.