Clean Edge report projects growth in global biofuel industry

By Erin Voegele | March 14, 2013

Clean Edge Inc., a clean-tech research and advisory firm, has released a report finding that although 2012 was a difficult year for the clean energy industry, the fundamental global market drivers for clean technology remain largely intact moving into 2013. The report, titled “Clean Energy Trends 2013,” notes that while there was a renewed focus on scalable projects, resulting in record annual deployment in the biofuel, solar and wind sectors, combined global revenue for those industries expanded by only 1 percent last year. 

“2012 was a year of extreme uncertainty for clean energy markets, as venture investors pulled back and high-profile bankruptcies became a partisan wedge in the presidential election, all while climate disruptions brought clean tech back into the limelight,” said Ron Pernick, Clean Edge co-founder and managing director. “But a key lesson emerged from last year – the focus for investors and industry for the near- to mid-term will be on deployment.”

Regarding biofuels, the report found that wholesale pricing of ethanol and biodiesel reached $95 billion in 2012, an increase from $83 billion the previous year. Production also increased from 27.9 billion gallons to 31.4 billion gallons. From 2012 to 2022, the Clean Edge notes the global biofuel industry is expected to expand to $177.7 billion. According to the report, market sized growth over the next decade is expected to be driven primarily by added production, with some impact coming from modest price increases.