Flint Hills Resources Renewables supports nearly 1,000 jobs

By Flint Hills Resources Renewables LLC | April 17, 2013

In 2012, Flint Hills Resources Renewables LLC directly employed 280 full-time employees throughout Iowa and Nebraska and supported an additional 661 full-time jobs in the region according to a recent study by Harrah Analytics, an independent economic research firm. Flint Hills Resources is an independent subsidiary of Wichita-based Koch Industries Inc.

Koch companies directly employed more than 47,000 people throughout all 50 states and the District of Columbia, paying direct compensation and benefits totaling more than $4 billion. Summing direct, indirect and induced jobs, compensation and benefits, the companies support nearly 200,000 American jobs and pay about $11 billion in compensation and benefits.

Flint Hills Resources Renewables buys corn and other goods and services from local farmers and businesses, sells distiller’s grains to area livestock operations, and its employees live and work in the community. This combined spending translates to a total of 941 jobs and compensation and benefits paid to employees of nearly $43 million in Iowa and Nebraska, Harrah Analytics determined in its study.

Flint Hills Resources Renewables operates five ethanol plants in Iowa and Nebraska and maintains a regional office in Ames, Iowa that supports plant operations.

 Individual facility impacts include:

- Fairbank, Iowa (52 direct; 184 total)

- Iowa Falls, Iowa (51 direct; 181 total)

- Menlo, Iowa (51 direct; 181 total)

- Shell Rock, Iowa (50 direct; 177 total)

- Fairmont, Neb. (45 direct; 155 total)

- Ames, Iowa (31 direct; 63 total)