Canergy selects Chemtex, Beta Renewables for cellulosic project

By Canergy LLC | April 30, 2013

Canergy LLC, an advanced biofuels company based in California that is focused on the production of ultra-low carbon intensity ethanol from sustainable non-food energy crops, is pleased to announce that it has selected Chemtex, a leader in chemical engineering and renewable processes, and Beta Renewables, a global leader in cellulosic bio-fuels, for the development of its 25 million gallon a year cellulosic biofuels facility to be located in the Imperial Valley of California. Construction of the new facility is targeted to begin in Q1, 2014 pending successful completion of permitting and financial activities. The facility is expected to be operational in 2016.

“We are excited to be moving this project forward,” said Tim Brummels, Canergy CEO. “California is the country’s largest retail gasoline market and this first project’s biofuel will facilitate obligated parties compliance with California policy directives to reduce their carbon footprint through 2020. We have completed extensive research and have concluded that PROESA Technology is both ready now and is the most advanced and competitive cellulosic platform in the marketplace today. We are also excited to have CHS Inc., a leading global energy, grains and foods company, working with us as a development partner in the project.”

“CHS is a leading ethanol marketer with global trading offices in the United States, Brazil and Europe,” said John Litterio, director of renewable fuels marketing for CHS. “Our financial strength, logistical expertise, risk management services and 30+ years of biofuels experience will help position Canergy to reach more markets with its ultra-low carbon intensity ethanol and achieve the best possible netbacks. We are proud to be the exclusive marketer for Canergy and to continue providing strong marketing connections for both first and second generation ethanol producers.”

The Imperial Valley’s 450,000 acres of irrigated farmland is one of the most productive growing regions in the world. “I am glad to see that Canergy has decided to make a major investment in the Imperial Valley. This cellulosic facility will create over 100 full-time jobs and will have a major ripple effect on our agribusiness economy,” said Tim Kelley, president and CEO of Imperial Valley Economic Development Corp.

Beta Renewables’ PROESA technology will be used to convert Canergy’s energy cane feedstock, bagasse and residual cane straw, to produce cost-competitive cellulosic ethanol. This technology is being used today at the world’s first commercial-scale cellulosic ethanol plant in Crescentino, Italy, which started operations in December 2012, and also will be used in a series of plants to be built by GranBio in Brazil.

“Chemtex and Beta Renewables are pleased to have been selected by Canergy for their project. Large scale commercialization of cellulosic ethanol projects is taking off and this is an important project for California to support its drive towards lower carbon footprints,” said Guido Ghisolfi, president of Chemtex and the CEO of Beta Renewables.