Novozymes to unveil new enzyme solutions at the FEW

By Novozymes | June 06, 2013

At this year’s International Fuel Ethanol Workshop, Novozymes will unveil two new enzyme technologies designed to increase ethanol and corn oil yields and improve profits.

Two new fermentation solutions will join Avantec, the company’s advanced yield-enhancing liquefaction solution. According to a series of industry-scale trials, deploying all three technologies could mean significant additional profits for ethanol plants. 

Launched just eight months ago, Avantec continues to deliver an average ethanol increase of 2.5 percent and energy savings of 2 percent.  

Jack Rogers, Bioenergy Marketing Manager for Novozymes explains, “We saw up close and personal how last year’s corn quality and prices negatively impacted our customers. We’ve seen how even small improvements in ethanol yield can have a huge impact on profitability. Avantec delivered the extra yield and energy savings some plants needed to make ends meet.”

“Avantec was also the first step in a series of R&D insights that target all elements of the corn kernel,” Rogers continues. “All three of our new yield-discovery solutions rely on uniquely advanced enzymatic activities that no other chemical or mechanical solution can provide. We believe that the combined ethanol yield increase they can deliver represents a new phase for the ethanol industry.”  

Novozymes officially unveils their new yield-discovery solutions on June 10 at the International Fuel Ethanol Workshop 2013 in St. Louis, Mo., booth 323.