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Katie Schroeder is a staff writer for Pellet Mill Magazine, Biomass Magazine, Biodiesel Magazine and Ethanol Producer Magazine.

Latest Articles

Apr 9, 2024

Innovation In Automation

Trident Automation leverages its industry experience and innovation to help ethanol producers maintain and install distributed control systems.

Data collection, storage and reporting are vital to ethanol plant operations. A Minnesota-based software integrator is automating those functions to help producers optimize business processes and drive financial success.

Spraying Systems Co., a seasoned partner to the ethanol industry, has expanded its offering of fermentation tank cleaning technology.

The U.S. Department of the Treasury’s late 2023 guidance on carbon-intensity modeling is a potential step in the right direction for ethanol becoming a major feedstock for SAF. But many questions remain.

The life cycle analysis of GHG emissions is essential in a world full of credits and customer requirements revolving around carbon intensity. Life Cycle Associates knows how to help ethanol producers square it all up to maximize value.

Northern ethanol producers tackle the most extreme stretches of winter with disciplined preparedness, proactive communication and responsive site maintenance.

The POET Bioproducts Center at South Dakota State University has opened its doors to support innovation in bioprocessing, expand the bioeconomy, and prepare a new generation of bioproduct manufacturing professionals.

Still facing obstacles in historically large markets like Brazil and China, exports of U.S. ethanol and distillers grains met expectations in 2023, thanks to their largest customers in North America and myriad small and mid-sized buyers around the world.

Dec 12, 2023

A Clear Road Ahead

A U.S. startup making diesel engines compatible with ethanol is driving toward commercial readiness. The CEO of ClearFlame talks about the market, pilot testing and the haul ahead.

A Swiss entrepreneur, inspired by global sustainable development goals, has built a cellulosic ethanol company that’s seeking partnerships to upscale her technology with unique innovations.

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