Katie Schroeder

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Katie Schroeder is a staff writer for Pellet Mill Magazine, Biomass Magazine, Biodiesel Magazine and Ethanol Producer Magazine.

Latest Articles

Nov 6, 2023

Taking Her Plan to Pilot

A Swiss entrepreneur, inspired by global sustainable development goals, has built a cellulosic ethanol company that’s seeking partnerships to upscale her technology with unique innovations.

Oct 13, 2023

Bringing Heat

Wrapping innovation around existing tech, a California startup’s thermal batteries could offer ethanol producers a new lane for carbon reduction.

California's top E85 distributor is experiencing remarkable success with all-renewable E85—a lower-price, ultra-low-CI fuel that’s in high demand in the Golden State.

High-profile speakers at ACE’s annual conference discussed policy, the future of higher ethanol blends, oil markets, refining trends and more.

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