Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS) Directory

SCS Engineers

SCS Engineers is an environmental consulting firm that designs and implements sustainable environmental solutions. We study challenges and design solutions. One of our core focuses is carbon capture and sequestration through deep injection well operations; we pride ourselves on being able to deliver high-quality and experienced expertise to our clients from inception and permitting, through to drilling and operation.

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Vault 44.01

Vault 44.01 is a highly experienced Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) project development team with unmatched expertise in permanent storage of carbon dioxide. The Vault team leads all project development activities from geological screening, pre-feasibility through land acquisition, operations and post-injection site care and closure. Our goal is to enable cost-effective, wholesale decarbonization of industrial emitters across North America through CCS.

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Advanced Resources International, Inc.

ARI has over 20 years of experience with carbon capture and storage (CCS) characterization, design, permitting, development, and operations. ARI specializes in development of CCS projects to allow ethanol plants to efficiently qualify for state and federal credits.

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Trust Battelle’s multi-disciplinary subsurface teams to cost-effectively move your carbon capture and storage project from plan to operations. We offer ethanol producers an option that is good for the environment and the bottom line. Look to Battelle as a partner to improve your carbon intensity score.

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Carbon Vault Holdings LLC

Carbon capture and sequestration company focused primarily on projects in North Dakota.

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Elysian Carbon Management

Elysian is a carbon management company and provides integrated end-to-end carbon capture and storage (CCS) solutions to owners of industrial and power facilities seeking to transition to low carbon products and address ESG goals. Each of our senior team members has been involved in carbon capture for over a decade. Our management's experience includes development and operation of the first CCS project associated with an ethanol plant and underground storage of the CO2. Elysian's industry leading team of seasoned developers have unrivaled project development experience including all phases of carbon capture, transport and storage. We lead project development from concept through financing, construction and commercial plant operations.

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Energy transition is one of the key challenges facing the 21st century. Enerflex is a trusted and proven partner, embracing the opportunity to build a more sustainable future. For over 40 years, Enerflex has designed, engineered, manufactured, and constructed energy transition solutions worldwide. The Company’s strong foundation of technical excellence in modular equipment has allowed it to make significant advances in a range of fields and solutions.

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Navigator CO2

Navigator COâ‚‚ is a midstream infrastructure company focused on providing industrial customers in the Midwest with innovative carbon capture and storage solutions.

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Pelican Energy Consultants

Pelican Energy Consultants has the expertise that you have been looking for when it comes to designing CO2 capture/transport/storage systems. Our system designs have included capture from ethanol and gas processing facilities, large compression and purification systems for Enhanced Oil Recovery facilities, and compressor/pump stations on some of the existing major CO2 pipelines in North America. Let our team of CO2 system experts save you time and money as you develop your CO2 plans and projects by tapping into our vast knowledge base on all things CO2.

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Hemp and other Biomass to Biochar and Carbon Sequestration Strategies.

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