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Forest Concepts LLC

The winners in the bioenergy/biofuel/bio-based materials space all have one thing in common – a need for cost-effective, flowable, high yielding feedstocks. The big-deal customer issues are a need to process high moisture biomass using low energy into reactor-ready feedstocks, dryers that have higher throughput, lower emissions, and use less energy, and lower-cost methods to collect and transport biomass. Our technologies present novel solutions to address these issues.

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Warren & Baerg Manufacturing, Inc.

Warren & Baerg has many years of experience in the Agriculture, Biomass, and Waste Industries. We provide systems for Biomass, Cellulosic Ethanol, and Alternative fuel applications. The equipment we provide includes but is not limited to Bale Conveyor,D-Stringing,and Grinding Systems for any baled biomass materials. Densification/Cubing Systems, Meter-Surge Bins, and a full line of conveyors for Biomass, Wood,Film Plastics, Paper, Cardboard, MSW, and Commercial Wastes. The types of Conveyors we provide are Drag Chain, Chain Belt, Slider Bed, Roller Chain, Flat Belt, Trough Belt, and Bottom Drag. Our Meter-Surge Bin provides a consistent, positive, even flow of material, and is cost-effective. We also provide Engineering and Plant Design

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