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Antora Energy

Antora’s Thermal Energy Storage offers the lowest-cost path to decarbonizing process heat. - Converts intermittent renewable electricity from solar or wind into dispatchable, zero-carbon steam - Reduces energy costs and slashes carbon intensity of typical ethanol plant by 20+gCO2 /MJ - Safe and reliable solid-state thermal energy storage medium - Factory-assembled, modular product seamlessly integrates into existing heating processes

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Rondo Energy

The Rondo Heat Battery (RHB) meets the demanding needs of industry for safe, simple, low-cost energy by economically replacing fossil fuel-fired furnaces and boilers—unlocking energy prices for industry that are both more affordable and predictable. The company provides zero-carbon, low-cost industrial heat to heavy industry. It does this by capturing low-cost renewable electricity from solar and wind resources, or the grid, in its Heat Battery, which provides on-demand delivery of high-temperature heat in the form of hot air, steam or hot water. Rondo helps customers lower their operating costs while continuously powering operations with zero-carbon energy.

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Thermal Process Development

A common application of thermal fluid heaters is chemical reactor heating. A thermal fluid heater can be used to provide consistent, high temperatures to a chemical reactor safely since it operates at a low pressure as opposed to high pressure steam heating. Thermal Process can help support many different types of reactor heating whether it is a half coil reactor, jacketed reactor or submerged coil reactor. Thermal fluid heaters are great sources for heating of batch reactor heating as well as continuous reactor heating processes.

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