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Interra Global

Interra Global is known worldwide as a provider of high-quality bulk desiccants and industrial adsorbents. Their molecular sieve beads are made to work in the most demanding environments of ethanol dehydration. Other products in their line include silica gel, activated alumina, and FerroSorp. Technical expertise, coupled with world-class manufacturing, ensures consistent production of the highest quality molecular sieve available. Interra Global’s top priority is to build lasting relationships with each customer by providing outstanding service and product.

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Hengye Inc.

For industries of: bulk dehydration, refrigerant drying, dehydration of unsaturated hydrocarbons,desiccant dryers, static drying, power transformers breathers, water removal. Hengye Inc. is able to manufacture and select the ideal product to meet specification requirements and maximize the value of product streams. Our sales team, paired with our engineers, will provide the data and technical education to support and bring confidence to those who use Hengye products.

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