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BIOFerm has been providing turnkey anaerobic digestion and gas upgrading systems to the North American renewable natural gas (RNG) - biogas market since 2007. Our extensive experience allows us to provide a seamless, sustainable, and economical solution. Our organic waste management and gas purification solutions go into a variety of operations including distilleries, ethanol plants, landfills, wastewater recovery, food processors, agricultural operations, and more.

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Krieg & Fischer Ingenieure

Krieg & Fischer Ingenieure is an engineering company specialised in the design and engineering of biogas plants. In 30 years of experience, we have gathered more than 160 references world-wide, with different types of feedstock and biogas technologies. We offer full scope of engineering services for biogas plants in ethanol industry. Our first reference in biogas plants for ethanol industry processes 130000t/a of thin stillage from ethanol production in Argentina and received AD & Biogas Industry Award from World Biogas Association. We have proven that integration of biogas and ethanol production is possible. We offer bioethanol plants to utilise the great potential of biogas, helping to achieve the necessary climate goals.

P&E Solutions LLC

Seventy-six year old company with long track record of successful EPC project delivery of CHP, anaerobic digesters, RNG, CCUS installations, Renewable Diesel, terminals, tanks, shop fabrication. Strong emphasis on client, safety focus with 1.25 million safe work man-hours.

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Pick Heaters, Inc.

Pick Direct Steam Injection Heaters provide efficient ethanol production solutions. The open design of the heater allows slurry flow without obstruction. The Pick Heater does not rely on high liquid & steam velocity for mixing to occur. Steam is fully condensed within the heater body. The result is smooth operation with no straight-run piping requirements and lower liquid pressure drop. In addition to mash cooking, Pick Heaters can be used in the following applications within an ethanol plant: process make-up water for mash tanks, hot water make-up for yeast tanks, Clean-in-Place (CIP) for fermenters and process tanks, plant washdown- hose stations, and any other heating requirements.

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