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Alfa Laval, Inc.

Alfa Laval is a leading global provider of innovative products in the areas of heat transfer, separation and fluid handling. With these as its base, Alfa Laval aims to help enhance the productivity and competitiveness of its customers in many industries throughout the world. We define their challenges and deliver sustainable products and solutions that meet their requirements – mainly in energy, the environment, food and the marine industry.

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Trucent has been a trusted technology and service provider in the North American Dry-Grind Ethanol industry since 2005. Our dedicated team of chemists and engineers specializes in maximizing and stabilizing corn oil extraction yields. We believe that corn oil extraction is essential for the future of ethanol production and offer a range of solutions to support this vision. Our comprehensive offerings include corn oil extraction technology, corn oil refinement, and centrifuge parts and repair services. With our deep understanding of the factors influencing corn oil extraction, we're here to guide you in the pursuit of higher yields. Partner with Trucent and unlock the full potential of your ethanol production. 877-280-7212

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Plasma Blue

Plasma Blue’s technology uses electricity to excite the molecules as they pass through the reactor, which in turn causes an improved intimate contact between the molecules. This technology drives the reaction faster than any other form of transesterification and in doing so it delivers a more complete conversion when used to combine chemicals needed to make biodiesel.

SmartFlow Technologies, Inc.

USA based manufacturer of HSTFF™ membrane filtration and separation systems for thin stillage applications •Higher oil recoveries •Enabling technology to facilitate reduction of Carbon Intensity Score •Reduces evaporator energy consumption •Significantly reduces evaporator fouling •Minimize TSS sent to evap and backset stream •Enables highly digestible protein stream •Reduces de-emulsification chemical use •Enables tuning for optimal enzyme dosing (small fines removed by absolute filtration tech) •Decrease backset volume

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