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Archangel, Inc.

Specialize in industry leading Antibiotic Free chemistries for biofuel production and feed grain. Archangel also offers a full line of GRAS antibiotics backed with proprietary DNA analytical services.

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ArrowUp Stinger™is a revolutionary fermentation additive that helps achieve higher yields and efficiency while reducing the carbon intensity score of your ethanol production process.It helps you maximize ethanol conversion by reducing organic acid production, providing more consistent batch-to-batch performance and stronger yeast props. Stinger™uses a patent-pending technology to safely deliver improved ethanol production efficiencies without concerns of antibiotic resistance or difficult to handle products. With us,you can see up to a 50%reduction in variability,providing a more stable process.Stinger™ has a small plant footprint,is easy to install,and supports sustainable ethanol co-products,without antibiotic residue.

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Camco Chemical Company, Inc.

Camco Chemical is a specialty chemical formulator and manufacturer of cleaning and sanitizing products for the fermentation and food processing industries. We specialize in CIP formulations as well as foam cleaning products and systems, and numerous sanitizing products. We also custom formulate blends for individual plant needs, requirements, and applications. We are a US based family run business that has been providing quality products and services with performance guarantees for over 42 years.

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Hydrite® provides solutions solving unique challenges facing the ethanol industry. Innovative catalyzed bisulfite and PAA chemistries help reduce energy costs, water consumption, and emissions; cost-effective antimicrobials improve fermentation performance, combat mycotoxins, and control contamination; corn extraction aids increase production; safe liquid acid cleaners reduce cleaning time and improve heat-transfer/run time; and descaling additives improve heating efficiency and water balance control. Contact Us Today! Or visit our website to learn more.


By increasing yields, speeding up fermentation, reducing energy and chemical consumption, IFF is helping ethanol producers meet the challenges of creating a secure renewable energy pipeline with innovative enzyme, yeast and antimicrobial solutions for starch-based fuel ethanol. IFF remains committed to biofuels innovation and a sustainable energy future.

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NABP (Nucleaus Ag & Bio Products)

Creating with the goal of making the complex simple to help ethanol producers achieve high yields with the highest quality regulatory responsible antibiotics, yeast, and nutrition. Our VERTEX has been designed to adhere and absorb excess moisture to allow for a safe and easy flow of DDG'S flow agent.

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Phibro Ethanol

Phibro Ethanol is a division of Phibro Animal Health Corporation (PAHC), serving customers worldwide throughout the Animal Health, Mineral Nutrition, and Performance Products industries. Phibro Ethanol product line consists of antimicrobials, cleaning products, yeast solutions, and process aids. Its technical team and state-of-the-art lab provide diagnostic testing, analysis, and troubleshooting for ethanol bio-processing plants. Our goal is to be a trusted partner with our customers to assist them in making their plant operate efficiently.

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BetaTec Hop Products, Inc.

Control bacteria and enhance yeast health with our naturally derived hops acids & liquid yeast nutrients. BetaTec® Hop Products, Inc. is the application arm of the Barth-Haas Group, world's largest supplier of hop products and services.

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Ferm Solutions

Ferm Solutions is a leading research, product development, engineering and technical service provider to the ethanol and distilled spirits industries. We specialize in all aspects of process optimization and supply products and technical services that ensure maximum production and yield with the most complete line of antimicrobials and several yeast strains.

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Hopsteiner is a leader in natural antibacterial hop products. Inhibit bacteria growth naturally with one of our many specialty hop based products. Contact us to learn more.

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V.M. Biotech

Chemicals for controlling microbes in sugar processing that helped to develop process to produce refined sugar in one step - no raw - refine! Lowest sugar losses / higher sugar recovery and better quality feed stock for higher yield of ethanol of highest quality. Developed technology to preserve sugarcane juice syrup as well as molasses for prolong period without loss in ethanol production. Using this process for sugar do not need any enzymes for ethanol production as VA is minimal and bacterial contamination is lowest. We believe in prevention is better than cure. We have many patents and refined sugar technology is used by 4 factories successfully and ethanol benefits have been observed by many more factories.

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