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Maviro Inc Virginia, MN Mandan, ND Laser surface prep cleaning systems for commercial applications utilize powerful handheld units that perform at a cost-effective speed, removing coatings or contaminants from substrates without damaging the substrate and no collateral waste. The laser allows the operator precise manipulation of the light beam to clean challenging, high value surfaces without water, chemicals, or abrasive materials, neither creating nor altering existing profiles or anchor points and leaving irregular or flat substrates like welds, flanges or gasket surfaces in their original state. The laser’s powerful light-beam removes coatings while the internal vacuum fume extractor draws residue into the disposal chamber.

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Mole•Master™ Services Corporation

The ethanol industry trusts Mole•Master for effective silo and bin cleanout services. Dedicated technicians use proprietary tools and proven methods that solve lost storage capacity issues and minimize or eliminate downtime. The most advanced ongoing training ensures Mole Master technicians meet or exceed OSHA and MSHA guidelines. Mole•Master has the most effective arsenal of proprietary tools for safe,effective and efficient silo cleanout solutions,including the Big•Mole System,the easily portable turn-key Arch•Master and the Safe-T-Shot CO₂ blasting system.Effective tools are no substitute for experience—Mole•Master has nearly 40 years of experience with grain silo and bin cleanout projects in 30+ countries.

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Schroeder Environmental Cleaning Services Inc.

Schroeder Environmental provide tank cleaning, API 653 inspection and engineering services to the ethanol industry, We also provide waste disposal and waste transportation for multiple industries. Our tank repair division replace and fixes floating roof seals and hardware on storage tanks. Call Gary Shields @ 651 335 8083 for more info.

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