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Archangel, Inc.

Specialize in industry leading Antibiotic Free chemistries for biofuel production and feed grain. Archangel also offers a full line of GRAS antibiotics backed with proprietary DNA analytical services.

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B&W Tek (a Metrohm Group Company)

Metrohm provides solutions. Our Raman spectroscopy products deliver precise analysis for answers you can trust. Whether in the field or the lab, save time and improve yields with a more accurate and efficient approach. Our handheld MIRA rapidly identifies samples and verifies incoming raw materials. The i-Raman Lab instruments deliver high-precision qualitative and quantitative analysis, especially useful in biofuel diagnostics when measuring ethanol content in fuel blends or monitoring fermentation processes. From the field the to lab, Metrohm delivers the quality control results that drive your business.

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HEMCO Corporation

Basic Laboratory Equipment featuring the UniFlow series of fume hoods constructed of molded chemical resistant, flame retardant, non-metallic composite resin. Cabinets, work surfaces, ventilation, and accessories are offered to meet requirements. Emergency safety/decontamination shower booths and lab furniture groupings to equip your laboratory. Call 800-779-4362 visit

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HORIBA Instruments Incorporated

The HORIBA Group of worldwide companies provides an extensive array of analytical instruments. Included in the Scientific group are particle characterization, and elemental analyzers as well as Raman and Fluorescence spectrometers, and ICP-OES.


PerkinElmer is a trusted global leader in scientific solutions with an 80+ year track record of bringing thought leadership, innovation and technology to our customers, that enable and accelerate scientific outcomes. Manufacturing the latest in analytical tools combined with our expansive OneSource services offerings we provide our customers the insights needed to reshape the world for the better. Utilizing our deep scientific knowledge and history, we strive to provide you with the products, services, and expertise that matter most to your laboratory.

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