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Whitefox Technologies

Whitefox is a leading provider of membrane-based solutions to the ethanol industry including fuel-grade, high-grade, cellulosic, jet-fuel and organic solvents such as acetone and iso-butanol. The Whitefox-ICE® solution, installed at 11 US plants, cuts production costs by reducing steam consumption and cooling water, increases revenues by removing distillation/dehydration bottlenecks and improves CI scores. Whitefox membranes contribute to a NetZero future.

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Whitefox Technologies USA Inc.

For 20 years, Whitefox Technologies has pioneered towards a Net Zero future through purpose-driven innovation and resource-conscience engineering, founded on producing more from less. Whitefox specializes in technology development and process integration based on its proprietary membrane technology. Its portfolio of Whitefox ICE® solutions help ethanol producers to de-bottleneck distillation, dehydration and evaporation, boosting capacity and improving carbon intensity scores by lowering energy and water consumption. Whitefox provides solutions for all types of alcohols, biofuels, and renewable chemicals in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and South America through membrane separation and innovative approaches to downstream processing in industrial processes.

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