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Westmor is an American-made manufacturer and distributor of energy storage, transportation, and dispensing equipment.Our solutions span upstream through downstream in the following markets: Terminals & Plants, Transport, Storage, Fuel Delivery, Fleets, C-Stores, and Aviation.Westmor will diminish risk and provide a worry-free, turn-key solution for your most demanding energy distribution and transfer-related challenges. From custom products and field installation to operational efficiencies, service, and parts– we have you covered.

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Optical Scientific (OSI)

Optical Scientific has been developing optical flow sensors (OFS) for industry and Government agencies for over 30 years. OFS makes drift free flow measurements across the entire measurement path and is also isolated from the process so it won’t create a pressure drop on critical processes. Truly a versatile technology when it comes to monitoring velocity, OFS technology has proven successful in a variety of challenging applications that include high temperatures, high and variable opacity and dust concentrations, including Flare Stacks, Thermal Oxidizers, wet scrubbers, incinerators, primary/secondary air ducts, bag houses or similar processes with entrained / suspended liquid droplets

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