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Arkema Inc.

Arkema is a world-renowned player in manufacturing molecular sieve beads for a variety of industries, including our Siliporite® EPX3B grade for the bioethanol market. With over 50 years of manufacturing experience and expertise, Arkema is a trusted partner to maximize drying performance through the sieve bottles in your process.

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Interra Global Corporation

Interra Global is a specialty chemical, adsorbent, and desiccant provider with a team dedicated to meeting the unique requirements of our customers while providing the highest level of customer service and support. Our top priority is the people in our business; we don’t just offer a product. Instead, we provide a comprehensive solution. Over the past several years, Interra Global has grown in the biogas market as a provider of FerroSorp, an H2S scavenger. FerroSorp, along with our custom Vacuum Adsorption Vessels, is used in the production of biogas from dairy digesters and landfill gasses. Since introducing the product into the North American market, we have placed the media at over 200 biogas-producing sites. Choosing the right specialty chemical provider is more than finding the lowest price. Interra Global believes in building and cultivating relationships with customers that last a lifetime.

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Zeochem is a world leader in supplying molecular sieves for the ethanol dehydration market. Zeochem's Z3-03 is the product of choice for use in the ethanol dehydration market providing excellent performance and long life. Zeochem’s Z3-03 molecular sieve is designed for targeting only water molecules in the feed stream while minimizing the co-adsorption of ethanol and other smaller molecules. The proprietary manufacturing process produces this adsorbent with superior mechanical strength and much longer service life – approaching 20 years in some plants.

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