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Amber Wave

Amber Wave uses advanced technologies to domestically transform wastewater starch slurry into biofuel with a smaller environmental impact than fossil fuels and other traditional renewables.

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Blue Projects USA Inc.

Blue Projects is a multidisciplinary engineering service provider with a strong portfolio in all industry sectors, with multiple offices globally, specializing in the industrial manufacturing space for multinational clients. Our core services encompass Engineering, Design, Integration, Project Management, Construction Management, Commercial/ Procurement Management, and Health & Safety Management. We provide thorough support necessary for executing multi-scale industrial projects. Our expertise lies in overseeing the details of engineer-designed, project-managed, and construction-managed projects, serving manufacturers by managing these projects on behalf of our clients.

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Aztalan Bio LLC

Aztalan’s story is just beginning, and you can be part of it! ClonBio Group acquired Wisconsin’s largest ethanol plant in 2022 located in the village of Aztalan, just outside Jefferson, WI. The facility will process 40 million bushels of locally grown feed corn per year, turning that into food-grade corn oil, vegetable protein concentrates and isolates for food applications, aquaculture feeds, renewable natural gas, organic fertilizer, ethanol, and dietary fiber for foods, among other things. We are scheduled to start the facility in the fall of 2023 and are currently hiring! Aztalan’s sister facility, Pannonia Bio in Hungary is one of the most technologically advanced grain biorefineries in the world. Over the next several years, Aztalan will invest hundreds of millions of dollars into a biorefinery transformation every bit as innovative as Pannonia’s but uniquely suited to Wisconsin’s strengths. Aztalan Bio is owned by ClonBio Group who is family-owned and invests in their people for long-term success. We have a dedicated internal team of engineers and scientists from 23 countries and 5 continents, an investment in people that explains why ClonBio’s biorefineries are so technologically advanced.

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At CPM, we have one mission: to feed, fuel, and build a better world. CPM’s size reduction solutions help take you from grain to fuel. CPM hammermills are a perfect match for the dry-grinding required in ethanol production. This combined with our CPM Crown experts in solvent extraction and oil refining technologies make us the ideal partner to enhance the efficiency and profitability of your ethanol processing operation. From the foods you eat to the fuels you require, CPM plays an important role in making the world more efficient and more sustainable. For more information, visit

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Enerpan Building Systems

Enerpan specializes in the design, engineering, and supply of SIP Panel enclosures, RAP (removable access panels), and 22 ga. self framing buildings for multiple construction segments. These segments include the Oil & Gas, Light Industrial, Agriculture, and Residential sectors.

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Essentica Ethanol Factory

Essentica is a leading producer of high quality ethyl alcohol, grain distillate and DDGS in South East Europe. Essentica's ethanol is a key ingredient in alcoholic beverages, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and chemicals. Our high-quality grain distillate is ideal for producing high-end grain whiskey, and DDGS is recognized as excellent nutrition by many feed manufacturers and livestock farms. We guarantee the high quality of our products by adhering to the highest standards, such as GMP, REACH, ECHA and ISO.

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Plymouth Energy LLC

Ethanol Production Facility

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The Andersons

The Andersons, Inc., named to Forbes list of America's Best Small Companies for 2023 and one of the Greatest Workplaces for Diversity in 2023 by Newsweek, is a diversified company rooted in agriculture that conducts business in the commodity merchandising, renewables, and plant nutrient sectors. Guided by its Statement of Principles, The Andersons is committed to providing extraordinary service to its customers, helping its employees improve, supporting its communities, and increasing the value of the company.

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