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BCC Advisers

An experienced advisor in the ethanol industry, BCC Advisers specializes in business valuation, merger & acquisition consulting, and commercial and agricultural real estate appraisals. With a team of accredited and skilled professionals, BCC expertly provides business owners and their management teams with personalized solutions.

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Mid-States Appraisal Service, LLC

Mid-States Appraisal Service, LLC has 40 years of experience with over 2,200 completed agribusiness appraisals on grain elevators, fertilizer plants, milling facilities, oilseed processors, biofuel facilities, and more. Serving both owners and lending institutions nationwide.

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Natwick Appraisals

Our firm completes appraisals of biodiesel and ethanol facilities.

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Valuation and Assets Services, LLC

Multi-discipline appraisals and valuations firm including•Plant Machinery and Equipment Valuations•Ecosystems Valuations-Valuation assessments of the economic benefits or liabilities attached to investments impacting natural capital and ecological resources•Business Valuations•Public and Non-Public Utilities Valuations and Infrastructure Valuations•Inventory Appraisals•Commercial and Industrial Real Estate Appraisals support transactions such as Financing, Mergers & Acquisitions, Tax analyses, Decommissioning analyses, InsuranceA partial list of valuations includes; BioFuel Plants, Chemical Plants, Processing Plants, Energyrecovery(biomass)facilities,Recycling Facilities, Pipeline Production facilities

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