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Biomass Products, LLC dba BioPro Power®

BioPro Power has patented technology to efficiently combust corn stover to provide steam and electricity to an ethanol plant that can turn off their natural gas. This significantly reduces their carbon footprint allowing the ethanol plant to be qualified to sell their ethanol at a significant premium into the Low Carbon Fuel Standards Market in California! BioPro Power will bring locally produced sustainable economic development to rural areas. Our mission is to align our efforts toward a sustainable, low-carbon economy. For more information visit our website at

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Ziegler Caterpillar-Power Systems

Ziegler Power Systems has the solutions and industry-leading customer support to keep your power systems equipment in top shape for when you need it most. Whether you’re looking for a specialty rent, reliable equipment maintenance, a new diesel or gas generator or renewable power solutions. Ziegler is ready to lend a hand with the equipment and expertise you need. Electric Power Combined Heat and Power Renewable Power Hybrid Energy Solutions

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