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Solar Turbines, Incorporated

Solar Turbines offers complete gas turbine power plant solutions, tailored to your power and heat/cooling requirements. We are a leading producer of industrial gas turbines and turbomachinery packages. These turbine driven generator sets are designed for base load electricity, combined heat and power, combined cycle, dispersed power, and peak shaving applications. Besides the electric power, these units can produce hot air, hot water, and steam, which can then be used in the production process for drying or heating purposes. The units are designed to operate in harsh mining environments and are capable of operating on a variety of liquid and gaseous fuels, as well as dual fuel (diesel & gas). For quick power solutions, Solar Turbines also offers mobile power units. These units can be easily relocated and are designed for quick installation. For information about our gas turbines, contact Solar Turbines at [email protected], call +1 (619) 544-5352, or visit

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Bridgestone Associates Ltd.

Boutique energy and infrastructure consulting company specializing in technical, economic, and environmental feasibility, design, and implementation of energy and infrastructure projects, and in analysis of energy efficiency, energy operational costs, and sustainability.

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Interstate Energy Systems

Since 1957, Interstate Companies have been providing product support services for the manufacturers’ power equipment we distribute. Interstate Energy Systems is the authorized distributor for MTU Rolls-Royce electric power generation and microgrid systems in the states of Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Indiana, Illinois, and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

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Savannah Power Systems, LLC

Power Generation Equipment for CHP, Peak Shaving and Emergency Backup Systems Turbine and Reciprocating engines driving generators of all sizes and voltages. Steam Turbines, Condensers, Boilers including superheat and Biomass Fuels, Cooling Towers Personalized service from a small company with extensive sources.

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