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Aquada Development Corporation Ltd.

We process agricultural products into shelf-stable products (such as rice, garri, cassava flour, beans flour and a variety of snack foods), bio-based chemical and energy products (bioethanol, biodiesel, pellets, and a number of carbon-recovery products), and materials (including bio-based films and packaging materials).

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Novam Citationem Habeo

I can lead/participate in high-performance, multicultural, multiethnic and multireligious teams, achieving the proposed objectives, in the shortest possible time and with the least expenditure of resources, indistinctly in the Research and Development departments, Manufacturing Operations, in Engineering of Processes and Project Engineering, in the areas of biomass, biofuels and biorefining. I am a Special Issue Editor of Sustainability journal (MDPI, Switzerland). I have published 2 book chapters, 13 scientific articles, I have 73 citations, with an h index of 6 and an i10 index of 3. I have attended 35 scientific events in countries such as India, the United States, Guatemala, Colombia, Spain, Italy, and Venezuela.

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