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Solve your hopper bottom railcar gate opening problems with a railcar gate opener solution from AIRMATIC. We offer pneumatic, electric, battery, and manual-powered gate openers and gate opening accessories to make this slow, difficult, and dangerous job fast, easy, and safe. Our wheeled-cart, stationary, and portable gate opener options can help make the productivity and safety of your unloading site soar. Regardless of the number of railcars processed, age or condition of the railcars you receive, the terrain or utility limitations at your unloading site, or your budget, we can make a recommendation that will handle it – guaranteed! We suggest you also see our listings under “Vibrators” and “Trailer Trap Openers” for other solutions we can provide.

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WORKMASTER® is a manufacturer of labor savings bulk material handling tools to help safely and efficiently unload, transport, store and process bulk solids from hopper bottom railcars, bulk trailers, bins, silos and chutes. We also supply a complete line of operating, mounting, and maintenance products and accessories to help keep your unloading site tools running longer and more efficiently. WORKMASTER products help Customers work more safely and efficiently, increase the lifespan of production-critical equipment, and decrease operating and maintenance costs of tools and equipment used in some of Industry's most dangerous, difficult and dirty jobs.

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Arnold Company

Arnold Company is a manufacturer of railcar openers, trailer openers, and vibration equipment. Our Door Demon line of products are all made in house at Trenton, IL. In addition to the Door Demon line, Arnold Company also distributes a wide range of safety products.

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