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USA Fuel Trailers

USA Fuel Trailers,is a family owned brand of trailer. That can be customized to our customers application. Starting with just the basic fuel trailer we offer, Double Wall Containment Fuel Trailers, Single Wall Fuel Trailers usually 300, 600, and 1000 gallons units, and Dual Fuel 2 tank Trailers. Get just the basic DOT Trailer or add accessories like pumps, DEF, and storage cabinets. Designed and priced with Commercial and Farm applications in mind.

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Road Groom

Road Groom is an easy to operate, pull-behind machine which is perfect for regular maintenance of unpaved roads, access lanes and paths. The Road Groom uses standard hydraulic cylinders to raise and lower the wing and frame for use and transport and can be pulled by standard drive equipment, such as a truck, or light-duty tractor. The economical design of the Road Groom cuts ruts and washboards caused by traffic and heavy equipment and reclaims and redistributes surface materials which have been displaced by regular traffic or over the winter season by plows. By reclaiming these materials so they don’t end up in the ditch or in your field, the Road Groom helps to save material costs. The unique design of the Road Groom allows it to work at speeds of 15-to-18 MPH, allowing operators to cover significantly more road miles as compared to a grader. In addition, in travel position, the Road Groom to be pulled to and from work areas at regular road speeds – all saving you time and money and allowing you to perform road maintenance when there is optimal moisture in the surface. The Road Groom is available in 8.5’ wide, 11’ and 13’ models. Standard with steel cutting blades, optional carbide teeth are also available for severely compacted or heavily traveled road conditions. In addition, a Hydraulic over Electric Pump Kit is available for equipment that may not have live hydraulics. See more information and a video of the Road Groom in action at:

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Western Trailers

Since 1969 Western Trailers reputation has been built on quality, innovation, and service. With a focus on versatility, durability, and strength, our trailer models help to tackle any job. The trailers are built and improved through ongoing product specifications, performance data, and most importantly input from our valued customers. Let us show you how lightweight pays. Visit our website to learn more about our diverse product line and allow us to find the right trailer for your hauling needs.

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