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Spraying Systems Co.®️

With over 85 years of experience in the industry, Spraying Systems Company is the world’s leading manufacturer in industrial spray products offering more than 100,000 spray nozzles and accessories. Our world-wide presence and highly skilled sales staff make us uniquely qualified to help you with your specific spray application

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StoneAge Tools, Inc.

StoneAge engineers and manufactures high-pressure waterblast tools and automated equipment for industrial cleaning applications. Established as an industry leader for over 40 years, StoneAge has been serving industries such as petrochemical, oil and gas, construction, and notably, the ethanol industry. When it comes to cleaning heat exchangers, vessels, evaporators, and other various elements of the ethanol production process, StoneAge waterblast tools are unparalleled. Their equipment is engineered to meet rigorous quality standards and nothing less, making it the gold standard in quality and performance, complete with a Custom Solutions department dedicated to crafting the right solution for your unique needs.

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Butterworth Inc.-Houston, TX

We manufacture portable tank cleaning equipment for sale or rent ; also available are hose and accessories. Call us for advice on a system to meet your tank cleaning requirements.

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Cloud-Sellers (a division of Spraying Systems)

We are a family-owned American manufacturing company which produces high quality tank cleaning equipment out of San Luis Obispo. Tank cleaning has been our primary focus for over 68 years. Now a division of Spraying Systems Co. we have expanded our tank cleaning capabilities, spray guns, and barrel washing nozzles. With our location in the middle of the Central Coast wine country our repair turn around is quick and responsive.

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Pick Heaters, Inc.

Pick Direct Steam Injection Heaters provide efficient ethanol production solutions. The open design of the heater allows slurry flow without obstruction. The Pick Heater does not rely on high liquid & steam velocity for mixing to occur. Steam is fully condensed within the heater body. The result is smooth operation with no straight-run piping requirements and lower liquid pressure drop. In addition to mash cooking, Pick Heaters can be used in the following applications within an ethanol plant: process make-up water for mash tanks, hot water make-up for yeast tanks, Clean-in-Place (CIP) for fermenters and process tanks, plant washdown- hose stations, and any other heating requirements.

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