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ICM, Inc.

ICM is a global leader in the biofuels industry with roots in the farming community. Since 1995, ICM has focused on innovating and developing new technologies to support the production of renewable fuels and sustaining agriculture. More than 100 biorefineries worldwide utilize ICM’s proprietary systems, which are among the most advanced in the biofuels industry. A full-service provider, ICM’s offerings include design, engineering, manufacturing, implementation, and plant support, all of which are tailored to yield higher profits and better operational efficiencies for biorefineries. ICM is based in Colwich, Kansas with a regional office in Brazil. For more information, visit

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KATZEN International, Inc.

Since 1955, KATZEN has been recognized as the leader in process technology, plant design and consulting engineering for the biofuels/biochemical industries. Our customized solutions and robust plant designs provide the competitive advantages for sustainability & ROI. Many KATZEN innovations, such as SSF and first use of molecular sieves, remain the industry standard. We are #1 in distillation technology for fuel and industrial ethanols, technical intermediates, beverage & pharma grades, including the only true NGS (<1ppm impurities) we call VHQTM. To learn more about our dynamic approach to process design, contact Robert Eickelberger at [email protected] or 513-351-7500.

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Praj Industries Ltd.

Praj, India’s most accomplished industrial biotechnology company is focused on the environment, energy, and agri-process industry. Bio-Mobility ™ and Bio-Prism (TM) are the mainstays of Praj’s contribution to global Bioeconomy. Bio-Mobility (TM) platform of technologies envisages utilization of bio-based resources for production of low carbon transportation fuels across all modes of mobility. Bio-Prism (TM) portfolio comprises of technologies for production of renewable chemicals and materials. Praj Matrix, the state-of-the-art R&D facility, forms the backbone for the company’s endeavours.

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Whitefox Technologies

Whitefox is a leading provider of membrane-based solutions to the ethanol industry including fuel-grade, high-grade, cellulosic, jet-fuel and organic solvents such as acetone and iso-butanol. The Whitefox-ICE® solution, installed at 11 US plants, cuts production costs by reducing steam consumption and cooling water, increases revenues by removing distillation/dehydration bottlenecks and improves CI scores. Whitefox membranes contribute to a NetZero future.

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ibiocat, inc.

Focus on ethanol plant process optimization and trouble shooting. Over 30 years of industrial experience in bioethanol production from conventional feedstocks. Research experience in enzyme, yeast and non-coventional feedstocks such as corn fiber hull, corn dry mill fiber conversion and corn stover. Industrial experience included plant scale up and support activities. Led and trained a research team for research and support. Assisted in plant operator education Extensive experience in plant contamination problem solution. . Dr. Abbas has published, taught and received many awards including the FEW Award of Excellent, Alltech Medallion ,and the Charles D Scott Award for contribution to biotechnology for production of fuels and chemicals.

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Pruszko Consulting

Author on the book “Building a Successful Biodiesel Business” and instructor for the internationally known Biodiesel Workshops series with 18 foreign countries and over 500 participants in US attendees. Recognized as an expert in assessments of new project in biofuels/biodiesel for USDA and DOE. Provided biofuels/biodiesel technology, design, feasibility studies, businesses startup expertise, and consulting advice to new biofuels interested parties using extensive knowledge in biofuels business and production areas. Provide technical and engineering advice to biofuels plants in production on process improvements, trouble shooting, new technology, start-up, quality problems, design changes, and equipment.

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