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Equinox provides feasibility studies, financial and techno-economic modeling, business plans, strategy, planning, and project development services to the bio-conversion and agribusiness industries including biofuel, bio-chemicals, and value-added projects. Equinox is dedicated to providing experienced advice and exceptional analytics for its clients. We work with our clients in projects including: - Financial Planning & Analysis - Feedstock Supply Chain Development - USDA Feasibility Studies (REAP, VAPG) - New Business Formation and Startup - Strategy & Capital Planning - Operations Management - New Technology Analysis – Cellulosic Biofuels and Feedstock, Biogas, Biochemicals

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Isomer Project Group

When developers are looking for someone to help them design and manage their projects they have two options. The first is a list of massive EPC firms who bill by the hour with no incentive to improve their execution efficiency or adopt new technologies. The second option is a revolving door of advisory firms who are a lot better at telling people what they should do than getting it done. We offer a different option - one that harnesses people with the right blend of experience and fresh ideas, adds new technology to enhance efficiency, and delivers a mindset focused on one thing - bringing great ideas to life. We're the secret weapon that turns great ideas into world-class operating facilities.

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Natwick Appraisals

Our firm completes appraisals of ethanol plant facilities, bio diesel facilities and other industrial properties.

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