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Blue Projects USA Inc.

Blue Projects is a multidisciplinary engineering service provider with a strong portfolio in all industry sectors, with multiple offices globally, specializing in the industrial manufacturing space for multinational clients. Our core services encompass Engineering, Design, Integration, Project Management, Construction Management, Commercial/ Procurement Management, and Health & Safety Management. We provide thorough support necessary for executing multi-scale industrial projects. Our expertise lies in overseeing the details of engineer-designed, project-managed, and construction-managed projects, serving manufacturers by managing these projects on behalf of our clients.

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ICM, Inc.

ICM, Inc. is a global leader in the biofuels industry with roots in the farming community. Since 1995, ICM has focused on innovating and developing new technologies to support the production of renewable fuels and animal feed. More than 100 biorefineries worldwide utilize ICM’s proprietary systems, which are among the most advanced in the biofuels industry and collectively produce 8.8 billion gallons of ethanol and 25 million tons of distillers grains annually. A full-service provider, ICM’s offerings include design, engineering, manufacturing, implementation, and plant support, all of which are tailored to yield higher profits and better operational efficiencies for biorefineries. ICM is based in Colwich, Kansas. For more information, visit

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KATZEN International, Inc.

Since 1955, KATZEN has been recognized as the leader in process technology, plant design and consulting engineering for the biofuels/biochemical industries. Our customized solutions and robust plant designs provide the competitive advantages for sustainability & ROI. Many KATZEN innovations, such as SSF and first use of molecular sieves, remain the industry standard. We are #1 in distillation technology for fuel and industrial ethanols, technical intermediates, beverage & pharma grades, including the only true NGS (<1ppm impurities) we call VHQTM. To learn more about our dynamic approach to process design, contact Robert Eickelberger at [email protected] or 513-351-7500.

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Merrick & Company

We create Bio Solutions to Better Our World by serving innovators in the biofuels, advanced proteins, and RNG markets. A leader in bioprocessing, Merrick provides multi-discipline services from FEL through commissioning. We have served clients for more than 65 years and maintain 25 offices in the US, Canada, Mexico, and UK.

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Praj Americas Inc.

Praj is driven by innovation, integration and delivery capabilities. Over the past four decades, it has focused on the environment, energy, and agri-process industry, with over 1000++ customer references spanning 100+ countries across 6 continents. Bio-Mobility(R) and Bio-Prism(R) are the mainstays of Praj’s contribution to the Global Bioeconomy. The Bio-Mobility(R) portfolio offers technology solutions globally to produce renewable transportation fuel, thus ensuring sustainable decarbonisation through circular bioeconomy. The company’s Bio-Prism(R) portfolio comprises of technologies for production of renewable chemicals and materials solutions, promises sustainability, while reimagining nature. Praj Matrix, the state-of-the-art R&D facility, forms the backbone for the company’s endeavours towards a clean energy-based bioeconomy. The company’s diverse portfolio comprises Bio-Energy plants, Renewable Natural Gas facilities, Critical Process Equipment & Skids, Breweries, Zero Liquid Discharge Plants for industry and High Purity Water Systems. Praj’s mission is to provide sustainable decarbonisation solutions based on a circular bioeconomy. Praj is at the forefront of providing sustainable solutions which trigger carbon neutral cycles and thus minimize GHG emissions. Praj secured the 2nd rank in the list of top 50 hottest companies in advanced bioeconomy in 2021 by biofuels digest, USA, the highest ever by any Asian company.

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Saola Energy

Saola Energy provides engineering, project management and operations services to the biofuels industry. We provide cost effective solutions for improving efficiency, reducing carbon footprint, increasing production capacity, troubleshooting operations, and increasing profitability. We offer many services such as contract engineering, process upgrades, debottlenecking studies, plant expansions, third party technology review, and much more.

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Buchheit Process Optimization

Ethanol Process and Project Engineering specializing in custom-built projects, process improvements, and startup engineering services. Demonstrated expertise in plant processes encompassing grain handling, mash preparation, yeast propagation, fermentation, distillation, utilities, drying, protein separation, oil recovery, blending, and loadout operations. • Project Development. Leads project development phases by conceptualizing Process Flow Diagrams (PFD), translating proposed enhancements into existing process frameworks. Generates Piping & Instrument Diagrams (P&ID) detailing processing equipment and instrumentation arrangements. Compiles precise equipment and instrumentation lists, comprehensively detailing essential equipment, instruments, and control devices. Developer of essential documents forming the basis for the effective management of project estimates, budgets, schedules, and timelines, ensuring the seamless delivery of project milestones. • Project Execution. Facilitates Hazard and Operability (HAZOP) analysis to bolster safety and risk assessment. Authors comprehensive control narratives to convey the system's control logic and operational procedures, facilitating transparent understanding among stakeholders. Implements rigorous instrumentation checkout protocols, ensuring seamless instrument reliability and functionality. Conducts exhaustive Controls and Distributed Control System (DCS) auditing, scrutinizing control strategies and DCS performance. Authors standard operating procedures (SOP) and produces operator training materials to ensure staffing proficiency. • Project Startup. Provides firsthand start-up support and comprehensive operator training, ensuring a seamless transition from construction to operational phases. Orchestrates the development and tracking of punch lists, meticulously addressing, and resolving discrepancies to achieve successful project completion. Ensures the accuracy of (P&ID) through as built updates. Provides tailored on-going processes and plant support ensuring the continual success of each individual client site.

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Caloris Engineering

Evaporation is essential to the ethanol production process. Caloris systems are essential to ensure the MOST EFFICIENT production. Caloris evaporation systems concentrate thin stillage from the distillation process into valuable syrup, which can be sold as a stand-alone product or added to the wet cake before wet shipping or drying. Caloris also offers filtration and water treatment solutions. Contact us today to learn more.

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CPM Crown

An innovative, global leader in oilseed processing, CPM’s Crown offers custom process engineering, equipment, piloting and aftermarket support for crush, refining, biofuels, oleochemicals plant-based proteins and other specialty extraction. Crown’s Global Innovation Center, with a full-scale pilot plant, analytical lab and training facilities, equips customers to develop, test, scale and commercialize to meet market demands profitably, efficiently and sustainably.

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C-P Systems

Our approach to every project begins with meticulous documentation and comprehension of your prerequisites, objectives, and limitations to achieve process, business, and regulatory requirements. Leveraging our extensive experience, unique proficiencies, and unwavering attention to detail, we will efficiently engineer a process that caters to your project's demands. Our areas of expertise encompass: • Chemical Engineering • Design of Equipment and Piping • Project Management and Procurement • Development of Installation Packages and Construction Management Our standing is founded upon our successful execution of piping and equipment modifications within both greenfield and pre-existing world-class manufacturing facilities, consistently adhering to schedules and financial allocations. C-P Systems was established in 1995 by two former 3M employees – a chemical engineer and a designer/drafter – who recognized the potential to undertake endeavors not only for 3M but also for other enterprises. Over the years, they have brought aboard additional engineers and designers from diverse industries and backgrounds, creating a top-tier collective recognized for inventive solutions, thoroughness, and integrity. Our proficiency is critical to the successful realization of projects across industrial manufacturing facilities throughout the United States. We prioritize cultivating partnerships with complementary engineering firms, enabling us to provide comprehensive project execution and life-cycle operational management to our valued clientele. For further insights into our company and current opportunities for careers, please visit our website.

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Fluid Quip Technologies

Fluid Quip Technologies® (FQT) is a premier technology and process engineering firm based in Cedar Rapids, IA, USA. FQT was founded on extensive experience in the corn wet milling and dry grind ethanol industries. For over 30 years, FQT’s engineering and technical leadership teams have developed technologies and process solutions for the biofuels and biochemical industries worldwide. FQT’s patented technologies enhance the base corn-to-ethanol process and supply the growing need for protein and carbohydrate building blocks for the global economy.

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Grocho Technical Services Inc.

Custom engineering, process development, design, and project execution solutions tailored to industrial bioprocesses, from traditional biofuels to emerging new technologies

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KFI Engineers

KFI Engineers is a recognized industry leader in process and facility infrastructure design and performance. Managing projects end to end gives us a deep understanding of both the engineering and the business end of our work. From identifying obstacles early to designing systems that make sense for your business and actual staffing capabilities, we drive projects to a successful completion for you. We serve clients in the United States, Canada, and Central America and have capabilities not commonly found in traditional engineering firms.

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Modular Energy Solutions

Our passion is driven by the awareness that far too many businesses fail, delaying emerging technologies badly needed to better address the world's problems. Our approach is to apply research, networking, and creative thinking to eliminate the barriers to the survival and growth of business teams.

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Upper Consulting, Inc.

We are a Process Mechanical Engineering Consulting Firm located in the Central Midwest, providing a wide range of professional engineering services to our clients. We have experience in many aspects of the industry from feasibility, site planning, process design, material handling, utilities, facility design and more for both greenfield and retrofit applications. Utilizing the latest in 3D Scanning and Modeling technology we can work with your team through all stages of a project.

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