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BBI International Project Development

BBI Project Development can provide the information and answers you need to move your project forward whether you are starting from project conception or have a fully-operational facility. Our experience and knowledge in the conventional and advanced biofuels and bioenergy industries is unsurpassed.

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At ethanol plants across the country, there’s an evolution going on. Producers are demanding more than just standard ethanol production from their facilities. They’re demanding “bolt-on” technologies that are easily added and suitable for their plant. D3MAX delivers that cutting-edge technology by converting corn fiber and residual starch in distillers grains to cellulosic ethanol. This is a 1.3 billion gallon per year market and with D3MAX ethanol producers can maximize their yield and profits.

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Merrick & Company

We create Bio Solutions to Better Our World by serving innovators in the biofuels, advanced proteins, and RNG markets. A leader in bioprocessing, Merrick provides multi-discipline services from FEL through commissioning. We have served clients for more than 65 years and maintain 26 offices in the US, Canada, Mexico, and UK.

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Praj Industries Ltd.

Praj, India’s most accomplished industrial biotechnology company is focused on the environment, energy, and agri-process industry. Bio-Mobility ™ and Bio-Prism (TM) are the mainstays of Praj’s contribution to global Bioeconomy. Bio-Mobility (TM) platform of technologies envisages utilization of bio-based resources for production of low carbon transportation fuels across all modes of mobility. Bio-Prism (TM) portfolio comprises of technologies for production of renewable chemicals and materials. Praj Matrix, the state-of-the-art R&D facility, forms the backbone for the company’s endeavours.

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Bio-Process Group

Process Engineering, Fermentation Improvements, Production of Grain Neutral Spirits from Fuel Grade Ethanol,

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Petron Scientech, Inc.

Petron Scientech offers proven technology for the conversion of cellulose biomass to ethanol with near zero CI scores. In addition, for the past 30 years, Petron is the world leader in commercially proven and operating technology to convert ethanol into ethylene, ethylene glycol, ethylene oxide and other ethylene derivatives. Petron's ethanol to ethylene technology, which has been in commercial operation for nearly 30 years, is agnostic to the source of the ethanol and can easily be incorporated into your SAF (ATJ) production units. Petron also provides a full range of support services, for its technolgies, including engineering, training, commissioning and start-up.

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