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SW Firefighting Foam & Equipment, LLC

Novacool UEF replaces AR-AFFF to extinguish Polar Solvent fires such as alcohol and ethanol at a maximum mix rate of 0.5%, has an indefinite shelf life and will not separate. Novacool also extinguishes Class A fires requiring only one product for both types of fires. Annual inspections of foam concentrate go away as well as expensive replacement once AR-AFFF or the new Fluorine-Free Foams expire. Novacool is currently being used by major ethanol producers to protect their facilities. Novacool will also extinguish 3D fires such as those at loading terminals. Tampa FD, home to a large ethanol storage facility, stocks Novacool in case of a catastrophic event, among others.

25A Lone Pine Ridge

Santa Fe, NM 87505

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