March 2024

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Springboard or Hurdle? LCA in Clean Fuels Policy and Investment

By Andrea Kent



Refractory Service Inc. is bringing new solutions to its clients in ethanol production, which are running harder than ever.

With carbon capture and sequestration pipeline projects delayed, ethanol producers are finding—and adding—carbon utilization technology platforms of all kinds.

The life cycle analysis of GHG emissions is essential in a world full of credits and customer requirements revolving around carbon intensity. Life Cycle Associates knows how to help ethanol producers square it all up to maximize value.

The U.S. Department of the Treasury’s late 2023 guidance on carbon-intensity modeling is a potential step in the right direction for ethanol becoming a major feedstock for SAF. But many questions remain.


Rather than open-air storage, some commercial grain operations are turning to massive, polyethylene bags. When properly maintained, they can keep grain safely for months.

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