April 2024

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The Case for European Ethanol in Shipping and Aviation

By David Carpintero



Lee Reeve, a multi-generational Kansan who operates a feedlot colocated with a small ethanol plant, explains how producing fuel and feed has impacted his family business for over four decades.

By creating optimal conditions to maximize corn oil output, Fluid Quip Technologies’ pretreatment system gives ethanol producers an unfussy method to maximize production.

It may be the least heralded coproduct of corn ethanol production, but condensed distillers solubles—CDS—has an important role in the animal feed market, both as a component of DDGS and apart from it.


Spraying Systems Co., a seasoned partner to the ethanol industry, has expanded its offering of fermentation tank cleaning technology.

Disc stack centrifuges and tricanters are familiar and effective tools in distillers corn oil (DCO) extraction. However, challenges arise from upstream processes and over 50 unique plant variables, influencing optimal extraction.

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