July 2024

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Novel Feedstock, Niche Markets and High-Purity Plays

By Tom Bryan



Commonwealth Agri-Energy will hit its 20-year production milestone this fall. The plant has succeeded in Kentucky by being resilient, ready and creative.

Greenfield Global is expanding the capacity of its high-purity alcohol production in North America and Europe, focusing on transparency and scale.

A dairy producer in Michigan is partnering with a vodka manufacturer to make low-carbon ethanol out of a dairy byproduct.

ATJ has the potential to provide more than a fourth of the U.S. government’s total SAF target, eventually eclipsing HEFA-based SAF.


Navigating Complexities

By Danielle Anderson and Kari Buttenhoff

The top concerns for third-party verification bodies in state low carbon fuel programs.

Ethanol plants use Advanced Processing Package to produce high protein feeds and increase plant capacity while lowering CI scores.

The use of carbon-14 analysis for measuring the biogenic carbon content of biomass-derived fuels.

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