November 2005

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Business Briefs

Northeast Biodiesel names marketer



Editor's Note

By Tom Bryan

NBB In Sight

By Joseph Jobe

Legal Perspective

By Mark Hanson & Todd Guerrero

Talking Point

By Rich Cregar


Sure, pollution-pummeling advanced control technologies will likely satisfy the U.S. EPA's 2007 target emissions reductions for future diesel vehicles, but it may take years before pre-existing fleets are actually off the road. Biodiesel can help bridge that environmental gap ... in more ways than one.

Warming Up to Bioheat

By Dave Nilles

With winter's grip nearing, the nation is looking for ways to overcome what could be its highest heating costs ever. Biodiesel-blended heating oil-bioheat-is offering a cleaner, more exciting alternative.

Vallejo, Calif.-based Greenline Industries may offer small- and medium-scale biodiesel processors, but its long-term global mission is anything but undersized. With an efficient continuous-flow process that uses relatively little water, this company is ready to bring renewable power to the people.

Argentina'S Climate of Growth

By Elizabeth Johnson

Argentine lawmakers are expected to pass a nationwide B5 mandate that would lessen the nation's dependence on fossil fuels, create new demand for its massive vegetable oils industry and help clean up major urban centers. Producers, most of them small-scale, are rising to the call.

The United States Postal Service, a true pioneer in fleet alternative fuels use and testing, completed a research project this year that critically evaluated the effects of biodiesel blends on engine systems. The results were fundamentally positive.

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