December 2005

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Biodiesel books hit the shelves



As Joshua Tickell's now-epic filmmaking journey moves closer to completion, BDM caught up with the author/director, along with producer Greg Reitman, as the duo were fresh off a final round of globetrotting biodiesel shoots, capturing the last footage-and some of the most powerful images yet-for their trailblazing documentary film.


By Ron Kotrba & Dave Nilles

Things aren't settled yet in the state of Texas. Biodiesel supporters are still dealing with the TxLED rulings that are directly affecting the industry in one of its largest potential markets.

With agri-giants and small companies alike jumping into the biodiesel game, new and proposed plants were virtually popping out of the woodwork in 2005. At the same time, a handful of existing producers launched expansions.

Getting Technical

By Ron Kotrba

As the biodiesel industry grows, so too will the technologies and peripheral sciences that support it. Sharing these advancements with biofuels advocates around the world is a crucial part of Biodiesel Magazine's mission.

A Good Fueling

By Ron Kotrba

Knowing is half the battle, and Biodiesel Magazine put out at least four feature articles in 2005 on biodiesel emissions and cold flow that armed readers with valuable, objective information.

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