October 2005

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Business Briefs

CDTI appoints Copan as new VP, CTO



Editor's Note

By Tom Bryan

NBB In Sight

By Joseph Jobe

Legal Perspective

By Mark Hanson & Todd Guerrero

Talking Point

By Mark Palmer


Keeping The Flow

By Ron Kotrba

Cold winters aren't stopping states like Minnesota and Illinois from placing biodiesel mandates on the books, even when low temperature performance is a concern. To cultivate additional winter-market growth, the biodiesel industry has the summit of cold flow's learning curve locked in its sights.

Let B2 Begin

By Dave Nilles

Minnesota's long-awaited 2 percent biodiesel requirement has finally taken effect. Key stakeholders are weighing in on the implications of the state's groundbreaking use and acceptance of biodiesel.

Earth Biofuels Inc. has partnered with a public oil company in a bid to distribute its brand-name biodiesel to every corner of the South. The company has a bold game plan and a convincing leader who's so far delivering on his promises.

A Long Time At It

By Jessica Williams

Growmark Inc. began fuel distribution in the 1920s. Through several key partnerships, the company grew immensely in size and scope over the years, and it didn't shy away from the implementation of renewable fuels at a time when no one else would even consider it.

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