March 2005

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Business Briefs

Amamax, Sanimal merge



Editor's Note

By Tom Bryan


Legal Perspective

By Mark Hanson, Todd Guerrero & Joe Humke

Talking Point

By Joel Glatz



Turning Point

By Dave Nilles

The 2005 National Biodiesel Conference & Expo, America's premier biodiesel event, was a vibrant showcase of industry progress, and a forum for thought-provoking discussions centered on challenges, solutions and growth.

Gebolys (left) and Winslow

Drivers Wanted

By Dave Nilles

Last year, a leading U.S. biodiesel supplier rejuvenated one of the largest dedicated biodiesel production facilities in the nation. World Energy, owner of the 18-mmgy Purada Processing facility in Lakeland, Fla., now has another important objective-finding a company willing to take over production.

Willie Nelson is on the road with a new group of highwaymen, but this group isn't country's most wanted band of decades past-when Willie teamed up with outlaws Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash and Kris Kristofferson, which emulated the rough and rowdy lifestyle of Western renegades through song. No, the 'redheaded stranger's' new entourage is appreciably different, consisting of businessman Peter Bell, truck stop owner Carl Cornelius and financier Monk White, who have all come together to promulgate the use of their own brand of farmer-supported, earth-friendly biodiesel. The Willie Nelson Biodiesel Co. is target marketing BioWillie diesel-its own B20 blend-to highway-roving truckers, the largest group of diesel consumers in the country.

Adsorbing It All

By Tom Bryan

With a solid track record in oleo-chemical purification, The Dallas Group has entered the biodiesel industry with a synthetic magnesium silicate adsorbent that has changed the way some producers clean up their methyl esters.

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