February 2005

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NSB elects officers



The Right Stuff

By Tom Bryan

Choosing a biodiesel process technology and equipment provider might be the most difficult-and important-decision any project development group makes. Whether you choose batch or continuous, multi-feedstock or feedstock-specific, the plant design must fit the bill.

A decade after Bryan Peterson's amazing Sunrider expedition, the story of the voyage continues to inspire thousands. Long after the trip, the biodiesel journey lives on.

Renewable Roll Out

By Dan Emerson

As part of a multi-pronged approach to reduce the world's dependence on petroleum fuels, DaimlerChrysler has become the first major automaker in the United States to fill vehicles with a biodiesel blend right off the factory line. It was a decision rooted in both environmental responsibility and consumer demand.

Of Fuel & Film

By Tom Bryan & Ron Kotrba

Filmmaker Josh Tickell has joined forces with an ambitious Hollywood producer who believes 'Fields of Fuel,' a feature-length documentary film about biodiesel, could help jumpstart an American biodiesel revolution.

A Biodiesel Magazine Q&A with Dr. Tom Clemente

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