November 2003

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Registration open for 2004 National Ethanol Conference



Ethanol,biodiesel, biomass and wind energy focus of discussion

People from around the world gather for World Summit on Ethanol for Transportation

Targeting Total Growth

By Barb Anderson, Anderson AgCom & Analysis

The following list was compiled by Ethanol Producer Magazine, with assistance form BBI International Consulting, in early November. The list is intended for editorial purposes and should not be used for research, project development, financial planning or official records. However, a comprehensive look at state incentives for ethanol production will soon be available through BBI International. BBI International Consulting has recently partnered with the Missouri Corn Growers Association and the Missouri Corn Merchandising Council to study various state incentive programs with a goal to improve the current program in Missouri. The final report will be made available to other organizations with interest in promoting ethanol. BBI is collecting information, researching various state incentive programs and analyzing data to determine the impact—and effectiveness—of the various programs. For more information on this project contact Mark Yancey, BBI International Consulting, [email protected].

Banking on Ethanol

By Tom Bryan

Sustaining growth with acceptable risk means the ethanol industry needs to continue searching for new capital, new lenders and new markets. Following up on the Ethanol Symposium for Lenders, held in Chicago last month, lending executives from CoBank, First National Bank of Omaha and AgStar Financial Services share additional perspectives with EPM.

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